La cure detox d'hiver

The winter detox cure

In winter, the body works in slow motion and will tend to accumulate all the toxins at the risk of having an impact on your skin. A detox cure will help you regulate your metabolism by eliminating all the waste that your body will have amassed during this season. This will help you strengthen your immune system and boost your body to restore all the necessary tone!

How to help your body?

It is obvious that the first thing to do is to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day for better digestion and natural evacuation of waste. Indeed, water is the main component of our body. More precisely, water represents on average 60% of body weight in adults, which can vary according to the morphology of the individual. The majority of organs and tissues contain more than 70% water. Blood and kidneys are 83% water, and muscles are 76%. Do not hesitate to make yourself a cup of water tempered with lemon every morning before your lunch because yes, lemon is a real diuretic, allowing to stimulate the activity of the kidneys and to eliminate toxins from the body. If you are not too fond of lemon you can opt for a good cup of detox tea for an equally effective cleaning!

What to find in your fridge?

Who says winter does not say drop in fruits and vegetables! Certain foods will allow you to strengthen your immune system and fill up with vitamin C. Reorganize your food shopping, that is to say, finish the chocolate and pastries departments and redirect you instead to fish, white meats, salads, green vegetables, avocados, wikis, bananas, oranges, etc. To consume without moderation ! You can multiply the portions at any time for the days to come in case you don't have time to cook. Also plan an “empty-fridge” meal by preparing soup, an omelet, pasta, etc. In order to avoid food waste.

10-20 mins of physical activity

It is necessary to maintain our physical condition. We want to be full of energy and it is our responsibility to stay healthy. It is not useful to go to the gym for 1 hour every day because with the right exercise in a few minutes we can maintain a physical condition. The idea is to do a slow activity every morning such as yoga, meditation, swimming and even taking the dog out! By implementing this process every day, little by little, what you imagined impossible will become child's play over time and your body will regulate itself like clockwork!

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